Friday, March 26, 2010

God’s Laws of Prosperity by John Avanzini

”God's Law of Patience"

A. God is not playing a trick on you when He promises a harvest. (Galatians 6:7) "Be not deceived...whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

B. Patience is needed for your crops to grow into a harvest. ~: (Galatians 6:9) "...let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." (Hebrews 10:36) "For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise."

C. Whatever you sow is what you will eventually reap. (Luke 6:38) "Give, and Q shall be given unto you .... "

1. lf you sow love, you reap love.
2. If you sow mercy, you reap mercy.
3. If you sow strife, you reap strife.
4. If you sow finances, you reap finances.

”God's Rules For Reaping"

A. Qod expects you to wgrk. God says if you are able bodied and don't work, you shouldn’t eat. (2 Thessalonians 3:10) ”...if any would not work, neither should he eat."

B. God expects you to be diligent (have energetic effort).

‘~ 1. Lazy people will have little, if any, harvest. (Proverbs 24:30,31) "l went by the field of the slothful, and by the vineyard of the man void of understand- ing; And, lo, it was all grown over with thorns, and nettles had covered the face thereof, and the stone wall thereof was broken down."

2. If you can work without supervision, you will have more than enough. (Proverbs 6:6-8) ”Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no gp ide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest."

C. Diligent, hard-working people will reap. __, (Galatians 6:9) "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."

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