Friday, April 2, 2010

Evangelizing The World by John Avanzini

At this very moment, you are holding in your hand offertory teaching outlines that really get the job done. Like all busy pastors, no doubt you sometimes fmd yourself brushing through your Bible at the last moment to find a verse or two for the offering. Strange as it may seem, this important part of the service often receives only a fleeting thought instead of the depth of explanation your precious people need to enter the good life God has planned for them. If you will quickly thumb through these pages, you willfind that the teaching outlines are short and to the point, aswell as being divided into weekly subjects. And best of all, they are local - church oriented.The importance of systematically teaching about tithes and offerings is easy to see when we realize the great emphasis God places on these subjects. " The tithe . . . is the Lord’s: it is holy unto
the Lord." —- Leviticus 27:30

If the tithe is holy to the Lord, it most surely should be holy to His children.I will not spend any time trying to convince you thatsomething is wrong with the financial condition of God’s people. God’s Word is very clear that God wants His children to be financially blessed. "The blessing ofthe Lord, it maketh rich and he adds no sorrow with it." -— Proverbs 10:22

While it may be God’s desire to bless us, it is obvious that most of His children don’t walk in the financial abun— “ dance He planned for them. The consequence of this shortcoming goes far beyond the impact it has on the personal finances of His children. It goes to the very heart of world evangelism.". . . Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." -- Romans 10:13

While the Word of God states clearly that the price of salvation has been paid in full by our Lord’s death on Calvary, the cost of delivering the gospel to mankind is still dueevery time it is preached.". . . how shall they preach, except they be "sent?. . ." -— Romans 10:15

Someone has to pay this significant expense. The most sobering thought in God’s way of evangelizing the world comes to the pastor, for his name is boldly printed on the bill for delivery costs. The people do the praising, dancing, and shouting, but it’s up to the pastor to gather up the money for their time of feasting. Without a doubt, this is the real reason pastors are so aptly referred to as co-laborers with Jesus. We have the great privilege of sharing in the cost of redemption, and it is one of the most outstanding honors available to pastors. Our special relationship with our Lord explains why God has ordained that the tithe is holy. Just as the sacrifice of our Lord was holy, the money we use to carry " the message to the world is also holy. "The tithe . . . is holy unto the Lord. " -- Leviticus 27:30 1

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